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Donald or Rosemarie Gerber

13601 Road Runner

Amarillo, Texas 79118

Cell 806-418-5900

Concealed Carry

of Amarillo LLC

 W   H  A  T    Y  O  u    n  e  e  d    T O    B  R  I N  G   T O   C  L  A  S  S

For identification you will need a valid: 
                    a.    State I.D. or
                    b.    Driver’s License

Unless specifically authorized by the instructor! 

FOR THE RANGE - You will receive your LTC-100 certification form upon completion
Bring your UNLOADED handguns in a bag or case. 

Only standard handgun calibers can be shot on the range.  (22-45 cal)

The “License to Carry” range test requires a minimum of .22 cal or larger but no larger than .45 acp. 

You may qualify on the range with a semi-automatic or a revolver and carry either. 

You will need Ear and Eye Protection on our range. We have a few available if you do not have your own. 

Wear Enclosed Shoes with a low heel for the range test. This is for your comfort and safety.

You will need one box of ammunition (50 rounds) but bring two boxes of ammunition in case we have problems  
Make sure you have the correct size ammunition of the handgun you brought to class - It happens or I wouldnt mention it here.

TOO MAKE YOU COMFORTABLE - DRINKS & SNACKS will be available during the classroom portion.
However, you may bring your own snacks and drinks if you wish. 
We have a refrigerator to keep things cool and a microwave to warm things up.
We have coffee, soft drinks, and water available at no additional cost.

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