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Donald or Rosemarie Gerber

13601 Road Runner

Amarillo, Texas 79118

Cell 806-418-5900

Concealed Carry

of Amarillo LLC



Texas “License To Carry” Classes
Basic Information

  1. Lady friendly classes, new shooter friendly, one on one attention if needed.

  2. REMEMBER, if you take an online class, you will still be required to attend a 2 hours in class and on range completion course.  Call me for information on how to register for EITHER class. The cost is the same $69

  3. Class Registration begins 15 minutes prior to start of class.
    Please arrive a few minutes

  1. Class discussions begin at 8 a.m. at the CLASSROOM, located at 13601 ROAD RUNNER, AMARILLO
    We are usually done by 3:30 pm at the range.

  1. Check the Class Schedule on the Registration Page for specific dates and times.

The Texas Handgun License Class is a One Day Class (Texas Mandated 4-6 hours)

The price includes: Classroom discussion and Range Certification

  1. Second Amendment Discussion including Texas Law

  2. Folder with additional important documentation

  3. Coffee, Water, Soft Drinks

  4. Pen and Paper

  5. Donuts in the morning and LUNCH at 12:00

Upon Completion at the Range you will receive.

  1. Certificate of Completion (Form LTC-100)

  2. Certification of Completion from Concealed Carry of Amarillo

  3. B27 Range Target is yours to keep

  4. ** Handgun Rental with ammo $25.00

Note: Effective March 1st, 2011, the TX DPS requires that all Texas Handgun License Applicants obtain their fingerprints from L1.  You cannot schedule an appointment until the TX DPS has received your application. To schedule an appointment, call 1-888-467-2080 or visit their website at

Please bring to class:

  1. Your State I.D., Driver’s License

You will be required to qualify with a handgun!

  1. Bring your UNLOADED handgun and UNLOADED magazine in a bag or case.

  2. Please leave your handgun in your vehicle until the instructor instructs you to bring the handgun to the shooting range. (You will not need you handgun for the classroom discussion)

  3. Only standard handgun calibers (Revolver or Semi Auto) can be shot on our range. (.22 -45 cal)

  4. Bring 50 rounds for the qualification exercise. 

  5. Bring extra ammo just in case you need a second attempt


If you do not have a handgun and need to rent one I will rent you a handgun with ammo for an additional $25.

      1. Handgun Rentals - $25.00 per student - this will include a box of ammo.

Note: You may now qualify with either a Revolver or Semi Auto and carry either.

Concealed Handgun License of Amarillo at your service


I want to thank you for the effort, professionalism, and great, enjoyable and informative concealed carry class you provided for my family and friends!

Mr. Gerber went beyond the call to set up a special class to fit the various life schedules of mine, my adult children, and their co-workers, so all could get this training.

I am a retired Federal law enforcement officer with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and went through annual training sessions for 20 years and will admit I dreaded taking this course!  I wrongfully assumed class time would be so boring I would have difficulty remaining awake, and range time would be terrifying with strangers unable to safely handle their firearm!

Class time proved interesting, professionally delivered, and provided a massive amount of material skillfully and tactfully!  The provided lunch was very simple and delicious to the point nothing remained (chili dogs)!  Having representatives from Texas Shield present was an added fantastic bonus!  I would recommend that class end while students are signing up for Texas Shield in the future as some missed important information provided during this period.  This was a great and enjoyable class for me and all of my family!

I have attended range classes where inexperienced shooters have indeed scared me adding tension on the range and leading to reduced range safety!  Range time for this class was exceptionally run by the instructor!  At NO time was range safety compromised and the range experience was fun and relaxed!

I thank Mr. Gerber and all responsible for this informative, relaxed, and completely enjoyable training experience and would like anyone needing this training to contact Mr. Gerber and attend his class!  He has my highest and truest recommendation!

Thank you for a wonderful day!

Lynn A. Nymeyer

Canyon, Texas

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